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šŸ‘‹ Hey, I'm Matt.

Welcome to my corner of the internet...

Iā€™m a full-stack developer passionate about building software to reach millions.

TL;DR: I'm a 21 y/o whose first startup was acquired by a $50m company. Since then, built a ton of profitable side projects. Today, I'm going full-force on something new.

Press: Forbes (2), Yahoo, Bloomberg, Major League Hacking, Crypto Briefing, Venture Talks, CUTC

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My Story

šŸŖ„ where it all began...

It all started with building side projects.

I wrote my first line of code in high school, explored basic full-stack & IOS development, participated in hackathons, and secured a handful of SWE internships. Little did I know that this journey would lead me to the realm of startups.

Early on, I learned a crucial lesson ā€“ the act of consistently building projects leads to unparalleled avenues of opportunity.

This philosophy paved the way for individuals to believe in my early potential. From being the inaugural engineer/growth lead at Virtually during Y Combinator's 2020 cohort, to becoming the youngest engineer at a Techstars-backed startup.

Amid my exploration in tech, I somehow stumbled into the world of crypto. First as an investor, and then eventually as a builder. With the rise of the web3 social token space, I built Agora Labs ā€” a platform that pioneered the way for creators to connect their tokens and choose specific rewards and perks for their supporters.

Within weeks of launching, we reached a market cap of over $500K USD. We later raised hundreds of thousands from investors including the DeSo Octane Fund, ZFellows, Envision Accelerator, and Harmony Protocol amongst others. Almost exactly a year later, on October 2022, Agora Labs was acquired by Talent Protocol in which I lead the charge there on tokenomics as we geared up for the public launch of $TAL.

Through this journey, I found a sense of belonging by immersing myself in various tech communities where I met some of my current closest friends. Prominent among these communities were Buildergroop, 1517, Socratica, Safary Club, and Inner Circle.

As of recently, I spent 10-weeks in NYC, being 1 of the 13 hackers selected as part of the hackNY fellowship. Now, back in Toronto, I'm gearing up to wrap up my final two semesters of university before I return to the US to embark full-time on my next venture.

You can find me at @mattespoz on the rest of the internet.


šŸ› ļø tools & experiments


šŸ„‡ Agora Labs (acq.) Screenshot

šŸ„‡ Agora Labs (acq.)

Platform for web3 creators to token-gate and reward early supporters. Built on DeSo blockchain. Acquired by Talent Protocol.


šŸ¤ GenQuote Screenshot

šŸ¤ GenQuote

Auto-generated Twitter suggestions for posts. Easily connect your account and get ideas for new posts.

Personal Project

šŸ‘±ā€ā™‚ļø FaceX Screenshot

šŸ‘±ā€ā™‚ļø FaceX

Full-stack app for detecting faces in photos with sign-in features and mobile responsiveness, using Clarifai API.


šŸ‘¾ 1Solana Screenshot

šŸ‘¾ 1Solana

Minimal Gif Solana marketplace with wallet sign-in, and transaction fees for every GIF added.

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